"I discovered that giving back not only made a difference to the kids in need, but it was rewarding for me, too."
Peter Burkolder '09
Inside Sales Representative, Dynamic Funds

B.Com., Ryerson University

When Peter started at Greenwood, the school's emphasis on community building and contribution quickly made an impact, spurring him to volunteer with the school's Free the Children chapter. "I discovered that giving back not only made a difference to kids in need, but was rewarding for me," Peter says. "The experience made it natural for me to seek out volunteer opportunities in postsecondary school."

During his time at Ryerson University (where he studied in Commerce), Peter volunteered with various student groups and took on a leadership position in a group that connects Commerce students with experienced professionals. "Many students discovered new relationships and even landed jobs as a result," Peter says. "We all know how challenging it is to begin a career, and it was great to see our events making a difference."

Now a sales associate with investment company Dynamic Funds, Peter still takes time to give back. He's currently Chair of a committee with St. Michael's Young Leaders, an organization that raises money for St. Michael's Hospital. "I had an appreciation for St. Michael's growing up, and inner-city health remains an important priority for me," he says. "The most rewarding part is hearing directly from patients who have undergone treatment in a wing or operating room to which the Young Leaders have contributed."

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