Centre for Teaching & Learning

About the Centre

    • Mary Gauthier, centre, is the Executive Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

The Greenwood Centre helps our teachers stay on the leading edge of personalized learning.
It’s important to remember that teachers are learners, too. Under the leadership of Executive Director Mary Gauthier, the Centre ensures that our teachers are challenged and supported throughout their careers. The Centre is also dedicated to identifying and implementing best practices in personalized learning, and to supporting teachers in taking full advantage of our new learning spaces. Watch our "Stories of Teaching" to get to know our teachers and to learn more about the work they have done to grow as professionals.

The Centre's mandates include:

  • Building a growth mindset around the professional development of teachers through the process of goal setting, feedback and reflection
  • Promoting a professional culture of collaboration and dialogue amongst teachers
  • Supporting the recruitment, development and retention of excellent, mission-appropriate teachers
  • Developing external partnerships to enhance the school’s reputation as a forward-thinking organization

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