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Action Research Projects

    • All apprentice teachers are enrolled in a course entitled “Teacher Induction: Applying the Research to Designing and Delivering Impactful Learning."

Action research allows teachers to formally explore the impact of their teaching.
In partnership with OISE/U of T​,​ all apprentice teachers are enrolled in a course entitled Teacher Induction: Applying the Research to Design and Delivering Impactful Learning. The course is delivered at Greenwood’s Centre for Teaching and Learning and is connected to research and experience.

A key part of the course is an action research project. This project reflects our apprentices teachers' learning and commitment to continuous improvement.

What is action research?

Action research encourages teachers to develop and investigate a question based on their observations about their professional practice. Teachers develop an action plan to investigate:
  • What works?
  • What is needed?
Teachers can investigate their question using photos, videos, surveys, observations, focus groups and interviews. Their findings often lead to more questions and suggestions for next steps in developing teaching practices.

Why is action research important?

This method is a wonderful way to encourage teachers to reflect on and develop their teaching skills. Action research:
  • Helps teachers learn how to use inquiry and an action plan to inform their teaching and plan for next steps towards continuous improvement.
  • Helps teachers stay focused on impactful teaching strategies.
  • Engages teachers in staying up to date with the latest research and implementing that research in the classroom

Action Research Projects 2018-2019

Check out summaries of the action research projects undertaken by our 2018-2019 apprentice teachers below.

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