David Moritsugu

Executive Director, Student Recruitment

What is your most memorable Greenwood moment?
I have been fortunate enough to travel with Greenwood students on many trips - to Kilcoo Camp for orientation visits, Alqonquin Park for canoe trips, to B.C. on sea kayak and hiking trips, to Japan on a cultural trip and to India on a community service trip. In those various settings, I got to know our students in challenging and interesting circumstances, and to a depth and degree that is unique. I will always cherish and remember those experiences and how they developed relationships among students and between teachers and students.

Describe a time you “ventured further”.
I remember paddling a solo kayak with a group of grade 11 students around a promontory on the Pacific side of Kyuquot Sound off Vancouver Island in B.C. The wind was blowing hard, the surf was pounding and the waves were breaking in several directions off the ocean and the shore line. I was feeling a bit panicky at times and quite fearful of dumping overboard. There was an instance where I had to calm myself, focus and apply the skills learned. I was able to do so and enjoy the experience. I felt I had 'ventured further' by conquering my fears and learning a measure of resilience.

How do you spend your summers?
Aside from working, I enjoy playing a lot of tennis and golf. I also like to travel as much as possible, usually somewhere by the ocean. 

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