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Personalization Through Co-Teaching

We strive to customize each student's learning experience for their individual needs and interests. Having two teachers work with students in one classroom helps us meet this goal.

How does co-teaching benefit students?

  • Increased teacher attention, since co-taught lessons can reduce the teacher-to-student ratio
  • Increased opportunity to personalize for student needs
  • Greater opportunities to self-direct learning, which builds confidence and independence
  • Greater social integration among student sub-groups
  • Demonstrated improvement in student achievement, as students receive timely and specific feedback from teachers and peers
Source: Curry School of Education, University of Virginia
"[Co-teaching] allows us to work collaboratively without having to disrupt the students who are following the teacher-led lesson. It also gives teachers an opportunity to either work ahead with advanced students or help out less advanced students."

Grade 12 Advanced
Functions student

how does co-teaching work at Greenwood?

Co-teaching is used in every grade and in almost every subject. It's especially effective in areas like English, where study can be enriched by offering a choice of texts and activities, and in math, where there is often a wide range of student readiness.

These are some of the approaches you'll see in our co-taught classrooms. You'll notice that in each example, having two teachers in the room allows for greater personalization, flexibility and choice.

  • The class begins with a whole-group lecture and then divides into groups, with teachers working in turn with each group.
  • One teacher might work with an individual student or small group that needs support or reinforcement of a topic, while the other circulates between groups of students working independently.
  • Students can be given the option of what to learn (different themes) and teachers provide individual assistance.
  • Students can be given the option of how to learn (one teacher directly teaches a concept, while the other teacher supports students working through a discovery-based lesson).
    • Larger spaces such as our Learning Communities were designed to support co-teaching.

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