Thank You To The Greenwood Community

Allan Hardy, Principal
Last evening’s tribute to my 15 years at Greenwood was a memorable event. I am deeply grateful to those parents, both past and present, and alumni who were able to attend the event, as well as those who were unable to attend the event, but have passed along a congratulatory note or email. 
Joan and I were touched by the thoughtful gift of the beautiful tribute book which contains many fond memories of my time at the school. We also were moved by the replica of the roots and wings art wall in the stairwell, which will, as the years pass, stand as a wonderful reminder of our time as members of the Greenwood community.

It was also gratifying to have many Greenwood staff members, past and present, join me at last night’s tribute. One of the great pleasures of my time at Greenwood has been working with teachers, many of whom began their career here, on re-thinking education so that it meets the needs of all students. Without a doubt, the deep commitment of teachers and staff to Greenwood’s mission has been fundamental to my leadership and the school’s overall success.

I also want to thank the many Board members who attended the event, as their guidance and support throughout my past 10 years as Principal has been immensely helpful and deeply appreciated.

As I said to the students in my remarks at our closing assembly on Tuesday, finding meaning and purpose in the work that you do is a gift. I thank all of you for the gift of Greenwood.

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