Reflecting on Greenwood's Past, Looking Towards the Future

Allan Hardy, Principal
Friday’s Celebration Day and Leaving Class Ceremony will be the tenth and final time I preside over these Greenwood ceremonies. I am immensely proud of the distance Greenwood has travelled in those ten years. Though our enrolment has grown and the campus has evolved, Greenwood has maintained its small-school feel and its focus on putting students first.

Since my first year as Principal in 2008, our student enrolment has increased by 40%. While this increase in enrolment greatly improved the school’s financial position and allowed us to expand our facilities, more importantly, it created tremendous social and programmatic opportunities for students. Student feedback continues to tell us that Greenwood is a warm, caring community. Students are able to form strong bonds with their peers and teachers; these relationships play an important role in helping students take full advantage of their time at Greenwood.

More students, plus enhanced arts and athletic facilities, has enabled us to offer more arts opportunities, such as the Groscars, the Junior Musical and small ensemble music classes. In the past season, Greenwood fielded more athletic teams and experienced greater success than in any previous year. 
Our academic program has evolved to ensure that each student is challenged and supported. Students now have an adviser who works with them for two successive years and more daily time is allocated to adviser. Course offerings have grown considerably and now include many options in business, the arts, health and physical education and co-op.

The revenue from the increase in student enrolment has allowed us to make a considerable investment in our teachers. The Greenwood Centre for Teaching and Learning is up and running. Our Apprentice, Expert, and Emerging Leader programs enable us to meet the changing professional needs of teachers as they move through their careers. Our teacher development process has been refined considerably resulting in Greenwood having a highly-skilled teaching staff, well-versed in meeting the diverse learning and emotional needs of our students.

While Greenwood’s past has been filled with success, its future is immensely promising. My sincere thanks to all members of the Greenwood community, past and present, for making this possible.

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