What do you do when no one is watching?

Melissa St Amant, Communications Officer
In today’s assembly, Sarah encouraged everyone to think about how their actions impact the world we live in, especially when it comes to environmental initiatives

With Earth Week here and Earth Day fast approaching, Sarah asked everyone to spend this week considering their impact on our amazing planet from the view of what do you do when no one is watching?

When people try to ‘get away with’ disposing of toxic waste improperly, they need to learn that they are not getting away with anything. They are harming their planet and their environment, and it does not matter if anyone sees them because the damage is done.

Sarah expressed how important it is for every one of us to do our part in making a difference -  whether that be avoiding single use plastic items, reducing the amount of meat you eat or walking instead of driving. Anything you do to help will make for a better planet.

She thanked our Environmental Committee for planning all of the Earth Week initiatives at Greenwood and wished everyone an excellent week.

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