Expressing Gratitude

The last several weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster for all of us, myself included. It can be hard to know what we will feel from day to day, and often hour to hour. But today, I am overwhelmed with one emotion in particular: gratitude.
I am grateful for the work our staff have done, and continue to do, to provide a rich online learning environment and a sense of community - all while adjusting to the juggling act that is working from home.
I am grateful to Greenwood’s Board of Directors, which has always prioritized technology as a valuable learning tool. This mindset positioned us well for the shift to online learning.
I am grateful to our parents for their encouragement and suggestions. I know many of you have also been making difficult adjustments to working from home and changes in circumstances in recent weeks. Your unwavering support for your child’s learning, and for the school, during this challenging time has been invaluable.
And, most of all, I am grateful to our students for their engagement and commitment. I know that they are doing their best in the face of incredibly challenging circumstances. Their resilience and open-mindedness is truly inspiring.
Together, we are experiencing one of the world's most challenging situations in our lifetimes. And yet, in three weeks we've learned how to run a school remotely (to a high standard). 
I am not trying to undersell the challenge of this undertaking, nor underestimate the stress of the current situation. Please know that this is not the case. It will continue to serve us well to spend our precious energy on the things within our control; I will continue to keep my focus on what we need to do to maintain the strength of the Greenwood community. There will be more challenges ahead. This is going to be a marathon. But it will end, and we will get through this!
I hope that you all have an opportunity to prioritize your well-being in the weeks ahead, and to find ways to make the best of these trying circumstances. Rest. Breathe.

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