Reflecting on Pride Week 2020

Hello everyone, Principal Bruce here. My pronouns are she/her.
I feel incredibly proud of our Pride Week. Particularly, of the work students have put into making this week meaningful. Thank you to our Diversity Committee and all staff involved in the events of this week. While I am not losing sight of the significant work ahead, I am heartened to know that our community wants to make a difference, broaden perspectives and build an inclusive and caring school culture. Each and every one of you needs to know that you belong, you are part of the Greenwood Community. This week we focused on our LGBTQ+, staff and students, as celebrated and cherished Greenwood community members.
This year’s Pride Week is one example of how we are working towards ensuring that every Greenwood community member knows that they belong and that this is a safe place for them to learn and work. 
We have made many other changes over the past two years that may have gone unnoticed to make our school more inclusive, such as:
  • auditing our admissions process;
  • providing unconscious bias training for several staff;
  • establishing a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summer Institute group for the past 2 years;
  • adding a greater variety of perspectives and voices to our curriculum-which we continue to work on; and
  • removing assessments on High Holy Days and providing staff with religious holidays.
Each and every one of us should continue to reflect on our interactions with people whose identities are different from ours. Keep asking ourselves:
  • How are we influenced by unconscious biases that are hidden even from ourselves?
  • How may we perpetuate discrimination against others, despite our best intentions? 
  • How can we develop an awareness of identity as a necessary layer of relationship-building for inclusive schools?
 This is truly a moment in our school’s history, as many of you will be leaders and influencers of the future and be at the forefront of change. The world is changing, and continuing to do things as we have always done them will not suffice in this new millennium.
Striving to create cultures of belonging is an ongoing endeavour - a journey that includes continuing awareness and skill-building. I will do all that I can to help our community along this journey. It starts with embedding equity and inclusion in all aspects of our curriculum, community and culture.    
Thanks again for a great Pride week. Love is Love.

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