William Farbstein

Teacher, History & Guidance and Career Studies; Coordinator, Innovation Lab

What is your most memorable Greenwood moment?
My most memorable experience at Greenwood was my first time travelling to India with Grade 11 and 12 students. Knowing most of them from the classroom or through coaching, I was able to see the students in a new light as we travelled along such an incredible service learning trip together.

Describe a time you “ventured further”.
A time I have ventured further was when I, along with other PE7 teachers, brought the Grade 7 class to Variety Village. There, we were all were able to learn about how people with physical and intellectual exceptionalities are able to take part in sport.

How do you spend your summers?
I usually spend my summers with my family and friends. I also travel as much and as far as possible as the time off allows me to engage with all types of cultures in a variety of places.

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