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Learning and community-building are more important than ever in Greenwood's online environment. On this page, we'll celebrate the achievements of our students and staff in online learning, share voices from the Greenwood community, and highlight some of the ways we're forming and strengthening connections. We'll update this page on an ongoing basis, so be sure to check it regularly!

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  • Being Creative in a Digital World

    Our Grade 10 Media Arts students are getting extra creative these days! Over the past couple of months they have learned how to use Adobe Illustrator and have been designing unique digital illustrations.
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  • Enhancing Art Skills at Greenwood

    Greenwood Art classes have been busy enhancing their skills and techniques using traditional art supplies as well as incorporating unique household objects into their work.
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  • Park Revitalization Challenge

    Our Grade 11 Green Industries class took on the challenge of redesigning a park to improve its functionality and safety, all while considering the social, ecological, and geological conditions of the landscape.
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  • Poems of Self-Isolation

    Our Grade 8 English students were tasked with writing a poem that included four literary devices they learned about in class: alliteration, simile, onomatopoeia and hyperbole. They had only 25 minutes to write at least 10 lines.
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  • Staying Well at Greenwood

    Our first three Well-Being Wednesdays were a great success and we hope they encouraged everyone to take care of themselves and each other.
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Upcoming Events

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  • Arts Week: May 25-29

  • Virtual Assembly: Monday, May 25

  • Groscars: Monday, May 25 @ 7 p.m.

  • Celebr8: Tuesday, May 26

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