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Greenwood celebrates creativity, personal expression and a love for the arts in each area of discipline.
Our Grade 7-8 Arts program allows students to experience multiple areas of the Arts - visual arts, media arts, dramatic arts, and instrumental music - while having the opportunity to explore one or two areas in greater depth. This approach gives students choice and flexibility, as well as a strong foundation for any of the areas of the Arts that they would like to pursue in high school.

Students in Grades 9-12 can select from a wide variety of arts electives including:
  • Photography
  • Drawing and painting
  • Media arts
  • Film
  • Vocal and Instrumental music
  • Advertising
Our arts spaces - including a performance theatre, fully equipped digital media lab, visual arts studios and Innovation Lab - support students as they pursue their passions.
Authentic experiences are a key aspect of the arts curriculum in all grades. Our arts teachers frequently bring in guest artists to share their experience with students and arrange meaningful opportunities for students to perform for audiences outside of the school community.

Abundant extracurricular options complement our arts curriculum. Every year, students showcase their talent through participation in a junior musical, a senior play, an Arts Night, dance competitions and film screenings.
    • Our new arts spaces support students as they pursue their passions.

    • Guest artists help students to experience a variety of artistic forms.

"I challenged myself by auditioning for the Junior Play. I thought I wouldn’t be able to go in front of an audience and sing like that – not necessarily just singing, but performing. And I learned that I could.”

Gabe Browning-Rodriguez (‘21)

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