How to Apply

Greenwood is fully enrolled for 2021-2022. Applications for the 2022-2023 school year will open in August. Complete our Inquiry Form to be notified when the online application is available.
Check out the description below for a brief overview of Greenwood's Admissions process. Then, click the "Apply Now" button to get started with your application.

Please note: for families who are applying for their child in a non-entry year (i.e., in a grade other than Grades 7 and 9), an interview is not guaranteed. The Admissions team will review all such applications and advise the applicant family whether an interview will be conducted. Feel free to contact a member of the Admissions Team for more information.

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  • Step 1: Apply Online

    Greenwood's online application process is outlined below. Download a printable version of the application process.

    When you access our online application portal, you’ll be prompted to generate a unique username; please keep this handy.

    The online application requires you to fill out the following forms:
    • Application
    • Parent supplement
    • Student supplement
    You’ll also need the following documents:
    • Recent photo of the applicant
    • Copy of birth certificate or passport
    • June 2019 report card
    • February/March 2020 report card
    • June 2020 report card
    • Most recent report cards (as they are received)
    • If the student has been identified as having an exceptionality relevant to the student's learning (e.g., giftedness, learning difference, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and/or has been the subject of a psychological/educational assessment(s) or has an Individual Education Plan ("IEP") or equivalent, please include a copy of the most recent identification document including assessment and IEP (collectively, an "Identification").
    Two Teacher Recommendation Forms must also be submitted as part of the application. One recommendation should come from a teacher who taught the student in 2019-2020, and the other should come from a current year teacher. The first form should be delivered to the school as soon as possible after the date of application, and the second form by no later than mid-January 2021. The form should be sent by teachers to the school via email at

    Please note that an applicant family may not book an admissions interview until the first of the two teacher recommendation forms has been received by Greenwood. This form is typically from the applicant-student's homeroom teacher from the previous school year.
  • Step 2: Complete the Character Skills Snapshot

    All Greenwood applicants must complete the Character Skills Snapshot (CSS) administered by the Enrollment Management Association. This online tool examines seven essential character qualities or “non-cognitive” attributes of individual students. Research shows that these qualities are the ones that independent schools feel are most important to nurture in their students. The CSS takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

    If your child is already writing the SSAT, there is no additional cost for writing the CSS. If your child is not writing the SSAT, a fee of $35 US must be paid to the Enrollment Management Association to write the CSS. Please visit the website of the Enrollment Management Association to register for and have the student take the CSS.

    Be sure to select Greenwood as a school that should receive the results of your child’s CSS. Greenwood does not use SSAT results as part of its admissions process. Learn more about the CSS here.

    Please note that an applicant family may not book an admissions interview until the applicant has completed the CSS.
  • Step 3: Schedule an Interview

    Once we have received a completed application, including the first of the two teacher recommendation forms and once the Character Skills Snapshot has been completed, the applicant family will be contacted by email to schedule an interview.

    Interviews are intended to allow parents and students to learn more about Greenwood and for the Admissions Team to get to know you. A member of Greenwood’s Admissions Team will meet individually with the student and the parents, and with the student and parents together. If the student wishes, they may bring an item of personal significance to assist in the discussion at the interview.
  • Step 4: Keep Getting to Know Us

    Greenwood Admissions events give you the opportunity to get to know the students, teachers and parents who make up our tight-knit community. We encourage you to attend as many events as you feel would be helpful to you.

Key Dates

Key admissions dates are relevant for families interested in gaining entry to Greenwood for their child in September 2021. View the full Admissions Calendar

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