• We offer many meaningful opportunities for parents to volunteer at the school and to get to know other parents.

Parents have been a vital part of the Greenwood community since the school’s founding.
We offer many meaningful opportunities for parents to volunteer at the school and to get to know other parents. In giving of your time and talent, you will not only provide an excellent example of the importance of giving back, but also have the opportunity to work with and befriend other parents and Greenwood staff.

Volunteer opportunities include (click on a position to learn more):

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  • Grade Parent Representative

    The Greenwood Roundtable encourages involvement and communications through the Grade Rep program. These volunteers will:
    • Facilitate grade-specific social gatherings in the fall
    • Facilitate events for Staff Appreciation Days
    • Inform parents of upcoming events and activities at the school
    • Maintain personal contacts with parents in their student's grade
    Contact: Katherine Beattie or Justine Melman, Volunteer Coordinators
  • Service Learning Chaperone

    Service learning is a key element of Greenwood’s program. Parent volunteers assist the school with the supervision of these activities, including our Grade 7 and 8 Reading Buddies program in Regent Park.

    Contact: Rachael Brownell-Swain, Coordinator, Service Learning Program
  • Co-operative Education Partner

    We are always looking for co-operative education placement opportunities. These provide valuable real-world learning experiences for students who spend two half days per week at a worksite for the duration of the academic year.

    Contact: Stephanie Pasut, Co-op Teacher
  • WinterGreen Social & Holiday Gift Sale Volunteer

    Held in late November/early December, the whole Greenwood community is invited to join us for this fund- and friend-raiser. Volunteers assist with administrative details, baking, sourcing gifts, greenery, décor and set-up.

    Contact: Katherine Beattie or Justine Melman, Volunteer Coordinators
  • Halloween Volunteer

    Students and staff come to school in costume for this special Halloween event, which includes a costume contest. Parent volunteers coordinate décor and set-up, organize the contest and award prizes.

    Contact: Katherine Beattie or Justine Melman, Volunteer Coordinators
  • Careers Morning Speaker

    Held annually in late January/early February, Careers Morning gives students in Grades 9-12 the opportunity to learn from Greenwood parents and alumni about career opportunities in a wide variety of fields.

    Contact: Jennifer Lillie, Director, Student Success

Greenwood Roundtable

As Greenwood's Parent Organization, the Roundtable supports the school and fosters a close sense of community among parents, staff and students. The Roundtable facilitates a number of events throughout the school year, including parent socials, the WinterGreen holiday sale and staff appreciation lunches.

Roundtable meetings are held monthly - check the school calendar for details and feel free to join at any time. Find the full list of this year’s Roundtable Executive here.

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