Why Choose Greenwood

    • Greenwood students build both skill and character through progressively more challenging Outdoor Education trips.

Greenwood helps every young person venture further.
Venturing further means embracing challenges and persevering in overcoming them. It means thinking independently in a complex global landscape. It means doing what is right, even when it’s not easy. It means building connections with the broader world.

Encouraging students to develop this mindset starts in the classroom. At Greenwood, students see that academic challenge and fun can go hand in hand. They find the excitement in discovery and the satisfaction in success, while learning healthy approaches to handling pressure and managing stress.

Along the way, our
co-ed environment equips them with the confidence and experience they’ll need to interact and collaborate with all genders as they move from Greenwood to postsecondary studies, and later into the workforce.
Our alumni go on to explore what excites them in highly selective postsecondary programs.

What else can you expect from a Greenwood education?


Life After Greenwood

When they leave Greenwood, our alumni go on to explore what excites them, and to thrive in highly selective postsecondary programs – whether that’s starting their own business, animating for Disney, practicing as a pediatrician or pursuing a graduate degree at Oxford. In short, they’re ready to define what success means to them, and they possess the skills and mindset to achieve it.

Greenwood College School

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