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Life at Greenwood

Greenwood’s supportive co-ed community allows students to be open-­minded, at ­ease and engaged each day.
Our physical space may have more than doubled in size, but we’re committed to maintaining the small-school feel that is a Greenwood hallmark. Throughout the year, students have ample opportunities to build bonds with their peers both within and between grades, whether it’s competing together at Spirit Day or collaborating on a student-led committee. Our new social spaces, including a rooftop terrace, second-floor common area and quiet alcoves throughout the building, provide perfect places to establish and nurture new and lasting friendships.
"My classmates' ability to coexist and cooperate despite being very different is inspiring. The help and encouragement I received from them over the years, inside the classroom and out, allowed me to achieve some of my largest goals."

Claire Vanderwood
(Class Valedictorian, 2017)
Our immediate community may be small, but we reach out to the city, country and world from a shared ethos that values citizenship, empathy, and social and environmental awareness.

Greenwood makes service to the community part of everyday life. Just one example of a student initiative is our Hockey HEROS program, through which our students provide equipment and coaching for younger students who might otherwise be unable to play. Always, our students witness the difference their efforts can make.

Whether your child has a passion for sports, acting, debating or drumming, we can help them pursue it. Greenwood offers abundant opportunities for students to immerse themselves in high-calibre athletics, arts and other extracurricular programs, from our Junior Musical, to over 40 sports teams, to many student-led clubs.

Greenwood College School

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