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  • Choose to Challenge

    Greenwood students commemorated women’s activism and achievements during this year’s Women’s Week. On March 7, the International Women’s Day organization posed the question, “what do you choose to challenge?” The Greenwood community answered the call with personal pledges for change.
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  • Matthew West (left), Ryan Vachon (right)

    Get to Know More Greenwood Teachers

    The Greenwood community values and appreciates the hard work and dedication of all of our teachers. We admire how great they are as educators, so we thought it would be fun to ask some of them personal questions to get to know them better.
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  • Heads of Student Leadership Election

    Greenwood students and staff are getting ready to elect next year's Heads of Student Leadership. Greenwood's Headship position is the highest leadership position a graduating student can obtain. A new change to this year’s election is that the votes for two candidates will be based on merit and there will be no gendered ballot.
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  • Order Your House Hoodie Today!

    House Swag is finally here! Hoodies in all 8 House colours are selling for $33.50 each and will ship directly to you at home.
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  • Career Peers

    Written by Pippa Bridges '22 and Charlie Batori '22
    Pippa Bridges ‘22 and Charlie Batori ‘22 recently founded a club at Greenwood called Career Peers. The goal of this club is to inspire, educate, and provoke thinking among students about the potential career paths they can take after postsecondary.
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  • Get to Know Our Apprentice Teachers!

    The Apprentice Teacher program at Greenwood is a great way for new teachers to develop their skills and gain real-world experience. Today, we would like to highlight more of our incredible Apprentice Teachers: Nadia Munk, Sarah Ewen and Leah Bandler!
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  • Green Initiatives at Greenwood

    Greenwood’s Environmental Committee meets once a week to develop green initiatives that they hope will encourage the community to be more aware of their environmental impact.
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  • Raising Spirits at Greenwood

    Spirits were at an all-time high last week as the Greenwood community celebrated our annual Spirit Week in the school building! It was an exciting week, especially after many weeks of virtual activities.
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  • The Domino Effect

    Who would have thought the game dominoes would have such a big impact in the Greenwood community! From Spirit Week competitions to one student's love of dominoes, there’s no doubt that this game has played a unique role at Greenwood.
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  • Greenwood Music Volume 2 is Live!

    Back in December, our Greenwood Music Volume 1 album officially went live on Apple Music and Spotify. We are now excited to announce that Greenwood Music Volume 2 is here!
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