For Prospective Students

If you're interested in attending Greenwood, you probably want to hear what our students have to say about their school. On this page, you can hear from our students and alumni firsthand about their Greenwood experience.

Our Alumni

Our graduates leave Greenwood ready to pursue their passions, and they follow a wide variety of paths. View the videos below to hear from our alumni about their postsecondary journeys and what they have carried with them from their Greenwood experience.

Daniel Martin '09

In this Perspective:
00:58 - What did you appreciate the most about this school?
02:19 - What do you feel differentiates this school from others?
03:35 - If this school were a person, what are three personality traits it would have?
04:53 - What connects the students at this school?
05:59 - What do you believe the school’s values are?
07:56 - What would students and families find surprising about this school?
09:19 - How do you think your experience at this school has shaped who you are today?
10:53 - How could your experience have been better?
13:18 - How has your perspective of the school evolved over time?
14:54 - What are three reasons for recommending this school to other families?
17:46 - What would you say to prospective parents about this school?
18:58 - What advice do you have for new students?

Robin Ahmed '17

In this Perspective:
00:32 - What have you been up to since graduating?
01:51 - How did Greenwood influence your postsecondary choices?
03:49 - What's on your Greenwood "resume"?
05:29 - What was your proudest moment at Greenwood?
06:54 - Why did your parents choose Greenwood?
11:25 - How is Greenwood unique?
13:04 - What are three main character traits of Greenwood?
15:47 - What are the highest values Greenwood practices?
16:54 - What surprised you about Greenwood?
20:28 - How did Greenwood shape who you are?
23:21 - What would you change about Greenwood?
26:32 - What are three reasons you would recommend Greenwood?
30:55 - What advice would you give to prospective families?
33:30 - What advice would you give to a new Greenwood student?

Cameron Khalili '16

In this Perspective:
00:59 - What Cameron appreciated most at Greenwood
02:35 - How Greenwood differs from other schools
03:36 - The school's personality traits
04:55 - Commonalities between the students
06:56 - The values of the school and community
08:31 - Something surprising about Greenwood
09:45 - How Cameron's time at Greenwood shaped who he is today
11:24 - Room for improvement
13:21 - How Cameron’s perspective on the school has changed since graduating
14:51 - The three biggest reasons to choose Greenwood
17:07 - Advice for families considering the school
19:26 - Advice for new students

Our Current Students

Made for prospective students by current Greenwood students! Watch the videos below to get a good sense of what the Greenwood experience is like.


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