“Greenwood taught me how much I thrive off of a smaller community and how important it is to keep communities like this in your life.”
Kit Pilosof ('13)
Assistant Producer & Fashion Writer, Ryde Studios
B.S.C., Print Journalism, Public Relations and Creative Writing, University of Miami
What made you want to work in your field? What path did you take to your current position?

I've always loved telling and hearing stories. When I graduated [from the University of Miami] I moved to New York to pursue fashion journalism. I worked in editorial at Coveteur and Marie Claire. At Coveteur, I loved being a part of a small team and writing in a witty, sarcastic tone (a tone I used to write in for the Greenwood newspaper!) At Marie Claire, the team was much larger and more corporate. I learned two major things that year: the first was that I prefer a smaller team with a casual atmosphere, and the second was that (VERY unfortunately) the print industry is dying and I needed to explore the field from a different angle.

Today, I’m a stylist and head of brand relations for Ryde Network, a content creation platform and digital magazine. I LOVE this job. I’m on a small and incredibly supportive team, I get to work on many different projects, I collaborate with awesome people and I’m still telling stories, though in a more visual capacity (photoshoots and video). I jumped around a lot to get here, and I feel it’s important to never feel totally comfortable in your position - I’ve gotten where I am now by involved in passion projects and constantly making connections with people in the industry.

How did Greenwood impact your career path?

Greenwood taught me to not overthink a decision - you get a lot more satisfaction out of knowing you tried something than looking back and regretting it. I left a financially stable, but boring job to intern at Coveteur because I thought "that's where I want to be" (luckily I have incredible parents supporting me). I equate this with jumping off the high dive at Kilcoo, as I'm scared of heights. The longer I thought about jumping off, the more time I had to fabricate some awful thing that would happen once I hit water. So, I learned to just jump.

Greenwood also taught me how much I thrive in a smaller community and how important it is to keep those communities in your life. Having a network of people to talk and laugh and dance and explore with can never be underestimated.

What are the greatest benefits and challenges of your work?

I get to work with some brilliant, hilarious people who have been in creative industries for far longer than I have. I learn so much from them and they value my opinion, even despite their seniority. A challenge is that I've been given a lot of responsibility and have been thrown in the deep end a bit (in the best way possible) and sometimes I get nervous and question my instincts in certain situations. However, it always turns out more than okay, and I have had the opportunity to learn and gain experience really quickly.

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