Wernham-West Society

    • Donor names adorn the expansive Cumulative Giving Wall in the main lobby.

The Wernham-West Society - named in honour of Greenwood founders Richard Wernham and Julia West - recognizes extraordinary cumulative giving to the school.
Members of the Wernham-West Society have donated over $100,000 to Greenwood. Some of these donors have been involved with the school from the very beginning; others are new to the school community. Each name is represented on our Cumulative Giving Wall, which runs throughout the hallway on the main floor of our expanded building.

We are deeply grateful to the 66 individuals and families listed on this wall for their outstanding support for the school.

Susan Fisher and Firoz Ahmed
The Berry Family
Patrick Brigham
The Chapnik Family
Sue and Fred Dalley
Audrey and Jason DeZwirek
Donald F. Hunter Charitable Foundation
The Fitzhenry Family
Yvonne and David Fleck
Michèle McCarthy and Peter Gooderham
Tiffaney Klein and Daniel Goodman
Wendy and Barry Gordon
Laurie and Barry Green
The Hawkey Family
Lisa and Trent Henry
The Hepworth Family
Virginia and Jake Herman
Cara and Roy Hewson
Ann-Marie and Kevin Hibbert
The Main Hughes Family
Estate of Beryl Ivey
Suzanne Ivey Cook and Dan Cook
The Janes Family
Moti Jungreis
The Khosrowshahi Family
Ronald Kimel and Family
The Lang Family
Barbara Mitton and Donald Lewtas
Karen Rice and Douglas Ludwig
Colleen Campbell and Stuart MacGregor
The Main Ellsmere Family
Cheryl and Robert McEwen
Marie and Donald McFarlane
Gloria and James McSherry
The Moffat Family
Nancy McCain and Bill Morneau
Stacey Henson-Murphy and Glenn Murphy
Kelly Grier and Miles Nadal
Natty and Mark Nashman
Lucy Lawlor and Richard Nesbitt
Martine Bouchard and John O’Connell
The O’Gallagher Family
Lana and Eric Paton
Helen Braithwaite and Patrick Phillips
Stephanie and David Picton
The Pilosof Family
The Taylor Roy Family
Kim Samuel Johnson
The Schulich Foundation
The Sheff Family
The Shewfelt Family
Samara Walbohm and Joseph Shlesinger
Anke and Kirk Simpson
Donna and Gary Slaight
Toby and Joey Tanenbaum
Margot Franssen and Quig Tingley
The Trachuk Family
Tylman/Maisel Families
The Uzumeri Family
Noah Venn-Mitchell and Family
The Waghmare Family
Barbara Palk and John Warwick
Julia West and Richard Wernham
...and two anonymous donors

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