At Greenwood, we want students to be engaged and at-ease each day - and that starts with healthy habits. This year, our blog will focus on how we're weaving the key elements of health and well-being into all of our programming.

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  • Better Sleep for Better Health

    Being short on sleep doesn’t just leave you feeling exhausted; it can also be hazardous for your health. Here’s why we’ve been stressing the importance of sleep with our students this year - and how you and your family can make sure you’re getting some quality Zs.
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  • Making Stress Our Friend

    Many of us build our lives around avoiding stress. But what if we should be embracing it instead?
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  • Since introducing our cell-phone-free policy in the Lodge, there has been a sea change in lunchtime interactions.

    A Cell-Phone-Free Zone

    It’s lunchtime at Greenwood. The Lodge is humming with laughter and conversation - and there’s not a cell phone in sight.
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  • “This was a friendly tournament, with the emphasis on grade collaboration, rather than results,” said Grade 11 Boys’ Group facilitator, Connor McFarlane.

    Shooting Hoops & Strengthening Friendships

    Building strong cross-grade relationships is key to a healthy school environment. Our inaugural Boys’ Group Basketball Bonanza was designed to do just that.
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  • Anne Farr '21 (front row, right) is in the pool every day (and sometimes twice a day) for training; her best events are the 200m Breaststroke and 200m Butterfly.

    Healthy Active Living for High Performance

    Health and well-being are critical to athletic success, especially when you’re performing at a high level. Our Healthy Active Living - Elite Athlete course helps competitive Greenwood athletes get what they need to succeed.
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