Harrani Rajasegar '16

Growing up, Harrani Rajasegar ‘16 was filled with passion for the arts and academics. During her time at Greenwood, she took many different courses and was involved in a variety of co-curriculars. “I was on the Student Council in Grade 11, I was a Diversity Committee Executive in Grade 12 and I took part in the fashion show as a senior,” she says. She took away many lessons from her experiences both in and out of the classroom.  “Greenwood taught me the importance of building character, the way a community will support and encourage you, the key characteristics of a good leader, and grit - the value of never giving up,” she says. 

After she graduated from Greenwood, Harrani completed her Bachelor of Arts in Equity and Critical Theory and Analysis at the University of Toronto. Harrani had been hoping to get more out of this program, and the large-scale lectures and impersonal approach left her cold. However, “there were some educators there who, like those at Greenwood, took teaching out of the classroom to give us insights beyond what the textbook had to offer,” Harrani says. She honed her critical thinking skills, bringing a new lens to her everyday life and to the education system. “At U of T, I felt like a product within the school system -- it wasn’t setting me up for success,” she says.

Then, in her third year of university, Harrani landed an internship with Future Design School (FDS) -- and everything changed. Working at an FDS summer camp for young innovators, Harrani encouraged students to leverage technology to come up with innovative and actionable solutions to global issues. “This opened my eyes to the amazing things of which young people are capable,” Harrani says. Her desire to continue this work propelled her to complete her Master of Education with a concentration in Policy, Curriculum, and Leadership at the University of Ottawa. “I chose this program because it created space for students to personalize their learning and approach their studies with curiosity and agility,” Harrani says.

Upon graduating, Harrani returned to FDS as a Partnerships Coordinator. “I am privileged to work alongside thought leaders in education who are truly passionate about amplifying learning around the world,” she says. “The possibility of revamping education, not just for one classroom but for millions of students around the world, is really exciting.” 

Harrani credits Greenwood with helping her to build character -- and, more importantly, to develop grit. Those attributes were critical in enabling her to reach her postsecondary and career goals, and to reimagine her journey when she was feeling stuck. “I strongly encourage anyone who is feeling defeated or uninspired to think outside the box to all the non-traditional, non-linear ways you can navigate your career path,” Harrani says.

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