Staying on the Leading Edge of Learning Technology

Allan Hardy, Principal
Ensuring that our teachers stay on the leading edge of learning technology is a vital part of Greenwood’s approach to personalized learning and plays a big role in our professional development program.
On October 24 and 25, we are delighted to welcome over 200 educators from throughout Ontario to Toronto’s first EdTech Team Summit featuring Google for Education. The Summit includes two keynote presentations and a wide range of breakout sessions where educators can learn more about using Google Apps to personalize learning. Thirty Greenwood teachers are attending the Summit. Giving up a weekend to focus on professional development is indicative of the deep commitment our teachers bring to Greenwood’s mission and its focus on student-centered learning.
We have also allocated more time during our Wednesday morning time for teachers so they can work together to learn about technology in the classroom. Here are a few of the applications they will be working on throughout this year:
  • Smart AMP, software that enables students to collaborate using Smartboard tools on their laptop
  • Hapara's new Workspaces feature, a Google application that allows teachers new ways to provide students with ongoing, individualized feedback on projects
  • Google Plus as a tool for developing student portfolios in Grade 9
We plan on reporting to parents on our progress with these innovations throughout the year on Greenwood’spersonalized learning blog and on the school website.

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