Athletics Contribute to Student Engagement

Allan Hardy, Principal
During the past weekend, three of our U-14 teams - boys’ soccer and volleyball and girls’ basketball - won Division II and III championships. Several other U-16 and U-20 teams have advanced to the playoffs, which take place throughout this week. What a great start to the year for our student-athletes!
170 students have played on a school team this fall. Athletics play an important role in the development of the whole person at Greenwood. There is a growing body of research confirming that participation in school athletics has a positive impact on students. Student-athletes generally are more engaged in school life and their classes, and have opportunities to develop such important life skills as teamwork, time management and persevering through challenges. 
Currently, our U-20 boys’ volleyball team is playing in Division I, which means they compete against schools that have a larger student enrolment. While Greenwood teams who elect to play in Division I may not win the championship, exposure at this level accelerates skill development and team play. 
Our new athletic facilities, which include a second gymnasium and a fitness area, will allow us to run more lunch time house leagues and recreational activities. Having opportunities to be physically active during the school day is good for all students. The new facilities will also provide more time for our teams to practice and to host invitational tournaments.     
While our teams are off to a great start, we are always looking for ways to enhance our athletic program. If you have any ideas you think we should consider, please send me an e-mail or give me a call. Go Grizzlies!

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