Using the Rule of 3 to Achieve Our Goals

Allan Hardy, Principal
Bailey believes that for people to be productive they need willpower, habit formation, and most importantly, the ability to bridge the gap between what they intend to accomplish, and what they actually accomplish. Unforeseen obstacles are what stand between intention and reality, and the inability to manage these obstacles often lead to the abandonment of New Year’s resolutions.

To navigate these obstacles and achieve your goal, Bailey advises that we need to work more deliberately. To help people do so, he uses the Rule of 3: at the start of every day and every week, identify three things that will be accomplished by the end of the day and week. His experience with the Rule of 3 is it helps prioritize the things that truly matter and allows people to assess during the day and week if they are focusing our time on the important things.

Learning how to plan and make changes is an important life skill for young adults. Hopefully, our students will consider giving Bailey’s tip a try throughout the remainder of the school year.
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