Considering Greenwood's Logo and Visual Identity

Allan Hardy, Principal
Why now? 2016 is a big year for Greenwood. We’re opening a new state-of-the-art building; completing one ambitious 5-year strategic plan and launching another; and redesigning our website and materials about the school. On almost every front, we have a unique opportunity to take stock, recommit ourselves to what Greenwood is all about, and show the world proudly what we stand for.
Given how much is being updated this year, it’s worth considering our logo at the same time. It’s a symbol, but an important one. If everything about us should reflect who Greenwood really is, does our visual identity do that? Does it reflect our uniqueness and set us apart from other schools? 
We may not change our logo at all, but we need help to know which direction to take. And if we do decide to refresh our visual identity, it must reflect how we see Greenwood now and our unique vision for the future.  Hambly & Woolley, a Toronto-based design studio, has been helping Greenwood evolve and express its brand for the past nine years. This award-winning firm has designed numerous Greenwood publications, campaigns, and event graphics — including the Grizzlies logo and mascot. Hambly & Woolley will be guiding our community through a thoughtful consultation process as we consider our logo.  
The process begins with survey input from parents, students, teachers, staff, and alumni. This valuable feedback, along with an assessment of the current logo, a survey of the competitive educational landscape, and regular information sessions will help point the way. I look forward to keeping you informed about this process. 
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