Enrolment for September 2016

Allan Hardy, Principal
The return rate for students presently in Grade 7 through 11 is the best ever in the school’s history, with almost all students returning for next year. This outstanding retention rate is indicative of the value students and parents place on a Greenwood education. On behalf of the staff, I want to let you know how much we appreciate this support.
We will be welcoming 118 new students to the school next year, with overall enrolment likely being around 450 students, which represents a slight increase over our current enrolment of 429 students. We were successful in adding a fourth Grade 7 class, as well as 32 new students in Grade 9. I am confident that the combination of returning and new students and the new facilities will continue to make Greenwood a great experience for our students and staff. I want to thank all of the many students and parents who shared their Greenwood experience with prospective families and in doing so, played a vital role in our word of mouth messaging.
Seeing as this is the final e-newsletter before the holidays, I would like to wish everyone a restful and safe March Break.

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