Student Leadership at Greenwood

Allan Hardy, Principal
I would like to think this strong interest in leading the student body results from the different ways students lead throughout their time at Greenwood. Annually, each grade elects two representatives to the Student Council, which enables students to participate actively in student government and contribute to the life of the school. Throughout this year, members of the Council have made it a point to greet students at the front door on Thursday morning and have also organized two Fun Fridays.
Students also play an active role on our various committees. The Diversity Committee has been one of the more active of these groups. Besides organizing our recent Pride Week, along with several other local independent schools, they have helped create a Gender Coalition initiative, which focuses on helping students use social media ethically. Our Service Learning Committee has organized 8 fundraising events this year, including this week’s hair cutting and head shaving event to raise money for Childhood Cancer Canada. Overall, we have 20 student leaders managing 17 of our external service programs.
It is gratifying to see students using these leadership opportunities to make a positive impact within the school and the wider community. Along the way they are also developing confidence and independence.

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