Building a Lifelong Interest in Staying Active

Allan Hardy, Principal
It is encouraging to see that our students are physically active. Participation in athletics is one way students keep active Greenwood. Students in Grades 7 through 9 remain active through participation in compulsory Health and Active Living (HALE) classes. More than half of our students in Grades 10 and 11 take an optional health and physical credit, which focus on personal fitness or large group games.
Next year we have added a third HALE elective which will enable students to earn a credit that specializes in either volleyball or basketball. Our new workout room and additional gym space will create other opportunities for students to be physically active during the lunch hour and morning break. Sam Clark, one of our teachers, is being released from some of his teaching duties next year to ensure these programs receive the appropriate direction and support.
We know that habits formed in school can last for life. One other way parents can help their children develop a lifelong interest in being physically active is by allowing students to walk or cycle to school. A recent editorial in the Globe and Mail summarized nicely the benefits of having students walk to school. I realize this suggestion is not always practical for students who live a considerable distance from the school, or when returning to school from an after-school practice. However, with the promise of warmer temperatures, it is something for students and parents to consider, even if the walk is to or from the school to the Davisville TTC Station.

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