Engagement in the Arts

Allan Hardy, Principal
Student engagement in the Arts plays an important role in the development of the whole person at Greenwood. Throughout next week, parents have two opportunities to see the creative work being done by our students. On Tuesday, the Groscars, which celebrates the work of our film students, takes place at the Regent Theatre. On Thursday evening, our visual and digital student artists will display their art throughout the school. Our dance team will also perform a few numbers. Hopefully, you can join us for these events.
Our new building also emphasizes Greenwood’s commitment to artistic expression. At last week’s assembly, I shared with students the details of the stunning work of art that is being installed in the feature staircase. Designed by world-renowned stained glass artist, Sarah Hall, this series of glass panels fronts the staircase and spans all five floors. Birds and trees, representative of Greenwood’s connection to the natural world, are featured in the design, and the birds are the colours of our eight spirit houses. In the first panel, located in the basement, the roots of the trees are featured and as you move up the staircase the birds move from resting on the branches to eventually flying skyward. This theme of roots and wings nicely captures what we hope to achieve with our students: ground and support them, and give them the confidence to move forward independently.
The stained glass is presently being produced in Germany and will be installed in the staircase in August. Our hope is that this work of art will inspire our students and provide a great focal point for people moving along Mount Pleasant. 

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