A Passion for the Public Good

Allan Hardy, Principal
Civic character is what former US President John Adams referred to as “a passion for the public good.” Helping others and giving back to the community is a habit of mind that we hope students develop during their time at Greenwood. As a way of developing this disposition, participation in the community service program is mandatory in Grades 7 and 8. Our hope is that students will continue to participate in the program throughout their high school years. We encourage this participation by offering an array of programs before and after school. In some instances, students have gone on to develop their own service learning opportunities.
Besides supporting others, community service provides opportunities for students to engage with others from different walks of life and develop important life skills. According to Craig Kielburger, co-founder of the We organization, participation in service activities also empowers young people. He supports this belief by noting that “19 per cent of We alumni ended up creating something, whether it was a company, a social entrepreneurial enterprise or a non-profit organization.”

As you can see, participating fully in this program throughout the year is good for students and bodes well for our collective futures.
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