The Benefits of Physical Activity

Allan Hardy, Principal
According to research compiled by The Hospital for Sick Children, while regular exercise supports the physical well-being of teenagers, it also benefits their learning and emotional health.
For these reasons, it is encouraging to see our students embracing many of the opportunities offered at the school that enable them to stay physically active. Fifty per cent of our Grade 10 and 11 students are enrolled in elective Health and Physical Education courses. I attribute this participation to the different options offered in these grades. Close to half of the student body is currently participating on a winter sports team at the school. And on any given day, you will find up to 60 students using the gym at lunch or on break. A similar number of students have completed the pre-requisite training which allows them to use our new fitness room.
We recently completed a survey of students asking about other lunch-time activities that might interest them. It would appear there is interest in yoga, so we are going to move forward with the organization of this activity. Very few students expressed interest in an intramural program, preferring instead a less structured use of the gym, which we will continue to offer.
Anecdotally, we also know that many Greenwood parents enable their children to use their leisure time to ski, swim or participate in a variety of sports, such as hockey and soccer. So, let’s continue to work together to ensure our students remain physically active.

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