Winter Term: How We've Ventured Further

Allan Hardy
I wonder how many of you have given any thought to the sign that is at the bottom of the climbing wall. We put it there to remind students that venturing further is what we hope all of you will do here at Greenwood.

What exactly do we mean by venturing further? Quite simply, it means you will have the mindset to take on new things either individually or with others. In trying new things, you will not be intimidated by potential obstacles or uncertainties. Instead, you will persevere, work hard, learn from the occasional setback and in doing so, achieve success. Developing this mindset is one dimension of character.

You should be proud of the many ways you have ventured further during the winter term. One obvious example took place right here in the gym on Friday, as our Senior Boys’ Basketball team achieved their goal of winning the D1-B championship. This victory was the result of endless practice, determination, teamwork and unwavering support and guidance from their coaches. Though fewer people witnessed it, on Saturday our Senior Girls’ Volleyball team won a silver medal at the D1 level and in doing so upset a number of larger schools. Our snowboarding team had its best season ever, sending six competitors to OFSAA. Others, like our U-14 Boys’ Basketball and senior hockey teams also achieved results they initially didn’t think possible.

Venturing further was not limited to athletics. In the arts, many of you performed onstage for the first time in Office Hours, this year’s senior play, or in our Winter Arts Showcase. Taking the stage for the first time takes a great deal of courage, as there is always some risk in things not going as well as you hope, but the key is persisting and believing in yourself. No doubt, a bit of help from more experienced performers and your teachers also helped.

You have also ventured further intellectually. You adapted successfully to our first-ever semester courses and achieved excellent final results. Some of our Grade 7 students represented the school in the TechnoCup and their bridge design won the creativity award. You ventured further by volunteering in communities outside of the school, in Costa Rica and closer to home at the Out of the Cold shelter, Sistering, the Arthur Meighen Centre and in Regent Park. Last week, all of you participated in what has been our most successfully executed Spirit Week.

So let’s enjoy a well-deserved March Break and return from it with an even greater desire to pursue success and a renewed desire to venture further individually and collectively.

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