New Spaces Making a Positive Difference for Students

Allan Hardy, Principal
When we were designing the new building several years ago, one of the key themes from the student focus groups was a desire for different types of social spaces beyond the Lodge. It is great to see that we have responded to this need. On any given day, before or after school or at lunch, you will find students utilizing the breakout rooms, the bench seating of the new stairwell and the open social space on the second floor, as well as the Lodge. Students also are making good use of the full-service café, the school store and the additional student copiers.

Those early focus groups with students also indicated that our senior students needed a dedicated space to work and study in. Our new Learning Commons fulfills this need. Grade 12 students are using this room extensively prior to school, as well as during their spares. This usage is excellent preparation for the kind of self-directed independent study they will need in university or college and serves as great modelling for our younger students. Additional classrooms have enabled us to expand our after-school and lunchtime extra-help program. This week’s exciting Grade 7 interdisciplinary learning week has been facilitated by having more learning space.

Staging last week’s two-night run of Office Hours, this year’s Senior Play was made easier by our new arts spaces. Rather than managing the logistics of an off-site rental, staff and students were able to focus their time and energy on producing a first-rate play. Our winter season athletes have benefitted from having a second gym, which enabled us to schedule more home games and practices. All of our Boys’ Basketball teams and two of the three Girls’ Volleyball teams made the CIS playoffs, with the U-20 Basketball team taking the gold medal in Division 1B and the U-20 Volleyball team capturing the silver medal in Division 1 volleyball.

All in all, having the entire school in one building marks an exciting time in the school’s evolution. On behalf of the staff, I would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable March Break. 

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