Remembering Scott Taber

Allan Hardy, Principal
As you will recall, Scott and his family died in a fire at their cottage on December 24. Suggestions from students, staff and parents were really helpful in determining how best to celebrate the memory of Scott and his family.
Scott loved sports and had played on the U-16 soccer team for the past two years. Retiring and displaying the jersey he wore as a member of this team is a nice way to create a permanent tribute to Scott. The framed jersey will be placed outside the north gym. For the next two years, the U-20 Boys’ soccer team will have Scott’s initials inscribed on their jerseys.
School yearbooks provide lasting memories of our high school years, so it seems right that we dedicate a page in our yearbook to Scott. As a way of remembering his family, we are placing a small plaque on one of the planter boxes on the fourth floor terrace. A group of parents have also generously created The Scott Taber Fund. This fund will be added to the Greenwood College School Foundation and proceeds from it will be used to support financial assistance for current students.
Scott’s cohort will graduate from Greenwood in 2019. As part of this ceremony, we will include the Scott Taber Memorial Award. We plan on working with this group of students to develop the criteria for the award, as it will be a special way for Scott’s friends and classmates to remember him at their Leaving Class Ceremony.
I want to thank the Greenwood community for their wonderful support of one another throughout this very difficult time.

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