Teaching Personnel Updates

Allan Hardy, Principal
I would like to update you on some changes in our teaching personnel for next year. While we are adding a few new teachers, we are also welcoming back several experienced Greenwood teachers and saying farewell to some veteran teachers.

We are excited to welcome two talented teachers from St. Clement’s: Jennifer Worsnop will be leading our Arts team and Kelly Carlson will be overseeing our team of French teachers. Between them, they have 17 years of teaching and extracurricular experience at St. Clement’s. Connor McFarlane, who has been teaching in Australia for the past five years, joins our English team. Connor is a graduate of Western University and a former member of the Sarnia Sting OHL hockey team. Heidi Dienesch, a recent graduate of Queen’s University, will be teaching French. We also have two long term occasional teachers, who we are still in the process of hiring. These two teachers will be with us until Jess Campbell-Rogers and Laura Webster return from maternity leave in January and March of 2018.

Martha Hall, Ben Wright, Amanda Lester, Erin Klassen, Amy Edkins and Emma Seaborn are returning from leave in September, while Heather Maxted and Emily Borden will be on maternity leave throughout next year. Nancy Clarke is taking a one-year deferred salary leave and will return in September 2018.

Several Greenwood teachers have decided not to return to Greenwood. Lisa West and Will Truong have decided to teach at schools closer to their homes; Lisa West is off to Holy Trinity School in Richmond Hill and Will Truong is heading to Appleby. Liz Greflund has relocated to Newmarket and hopes to find a teaching job in that vicinity, while Leslie McBeth has decided to continue her career in the private sector. Liz Branscombe’s family has made this year’s temporary move to Malta permanent. Michelle Bianchi and Caley Blyth are also not returning to Greenwood next year. Michelle is taking a position in course development and teaching art and design at another school in Toronto, while Caley is looking at other teaching options in Toronto. We will miss all of these teachers, as each of them has contributed substantially to the school over the years.

Sebastian Major, Graeme Schnarr, Paul Keene, and Cody Wilson, are also not returning. I would like to thank them for their work at Greenwood over the past year and wish all of them the very best at their new schools.

I would also like to thank and bid farewell to our apprentice teachers—Alan Kraguljac, Sharon Charbonneau, Olivia Wallman, Kelly Murphy, Julian Zamparo and Mary McKeever—who were with us throughout this year as a part of our one-year teaching induction program. We will have four new apprentice teachers joining us in September.
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