Emphasizing Well-Being

Allan Hardy, Principal
Focusing on well-being is one of our core objectives in our current strategic plan. In support of this important objective, Greenwood is collaborating with The Wells Group over the next two years. Led by Dr. Greg Wells, a prominent physiologist, scientist and broadcaster, as well as the author of the recently released book The Ripple Effect, The Wells Group provides a training program that enables participants to raise their level of health, well-being and performance.

The first year of the program focuses on teacher and staff participation. When working with schools, Wells advises beginning with staff for several reasons. First of all, the high level of interpersonal demands can be stressful for teachers, so helping them develop strategies to manage stress means they are more able to work effectively with students, parents and colleagues. Secondly, having the staff model positive elements of well-being serves as a good role model for students and builds buy-in to the program when it begins with students next year. Working on this initiative together also helps them support one another in making healthy changes to their lives.

The program began when school resumed in August. Dr. Wells provided teachers and staff with an overview of the program, which focuses on sleeping soundly, eating smarter, moving more and thinking clearly. Everyone then completed an online assessment to determine their personal starting point and goals for the program. Dr. Wells believes that lasting change comes through micro changes, also known as 1% wins or the ripple effect. Throughout the year, staff members will receive articles and podcasts that provide them with strategies to help enact change in the four components of well-being. Staff can also communicate via e-mail with members of The Wells Group regarding individual questions or concerns.
Dr. Wells will speak to parents about the program and how he will be working with students on improving their well-being at a parent session in April. In the meantime, our staff remain committed to supporting student well-being through our adviser and extracurricular programs, as well as various student-led initiatives throughout the year. Hopefully, you will see the impact of our focus on well-being throughout this year and in the years ahead.

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