Personalizing Learning Through Course Selection

Allan Hardy, Principal
One of the ways students can personalize their academic experience here at Greenwood is through their selection of courses. For a school of our size, we offer an impressive array of courses, with over 100 credit courses available. In the weeks ahead, students returning to Greenwood next year will be working with advisers and subject teachers on determining which courses best meet their interest and aspirations.

Feedback from students and teachers indicates our semester program, which we introduced last year, is working well; consequently, no changes have been made to our current mix of full-year and semester courses. As a way of further meeting the needs of various students, we have added three new courses. Students in Grades 9 and 10 will have the opportunity to take Vocal Music; the compulsory Grade 9 French course will be offered at the academic and applied level; and, a single-credit co-operative education course is available for Grade 11 students. This latter offering will allow students a bit more flexibility when selecting their optional credits.

We continue to look for ways for students to use experiences outside the classroom as a means of earning credit hours. Currently, students can take advantage of this opportunity by enrolling in any of the following courses: Regional Geography/Grade 11 Fall OE program and the Grade 11 Health and Physical Education/Elite Athlete course. New this year, is a photography credit course aimed at those students who work on the production of the school yearbook.

Students will receive the 2018-19 Academic Handbook, which provides an excellent summary of all course offerings, later this week and a parent information session takes place in the evening on February 6. Throughout the first three weeks of February, students have an opportunity to consult with advisers and subject teachers and attend a course information fair during the day on February 13. Final course selections, which are completed online, are due by February 26.

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