Engaging Our Alumni Community

Allan Hardy, Principal
Hard to believe that the members of Greenwood’s first Leaving Class, the Class of 2006, celebrate their 30th birthday this year. When our current Grade 12 students graduate in June, we will have over 900 Greenwood alumni.

It was gratifying to have 16 of them participate in last week’s Careers morning. Besides sharing their personal career stories with our students, alumni presenters also shed some light on the practical reality of career paths our current students are interested in pursuing. Alumni led sessions that appealed to a variety of interests, ranging from occupational therapy and animation to commercial real estate and law. Two other things also stood out: the poise and confidence of our alumni, as well as their evident delight in returning to Greenwood.

Other members of our alumni have embarked on a wide variety of careers locally and abroad. We have a number of students working in traditional professions such as engineering and banking, while quite a few graduates are pursuing careers in film, fashion and digital media. Given Greenwood’s emphasis on following your own path, it is great to see that a number of alumni have pursued entrepreneurial paths and are engaged in start-ups or individual opportunities. Check out our website if you are interested in learning more about the career paths of our alumni.

By emphasizing engagement in school life at Greenwood, we hope our alumni will continue to engage fully in the communities where they work or study. It is good to see them doing so. Some alumni are lending their voice to student government and residence leadership. Others have continued to support communities and people in need by volunteering in food banks, serving as Big Brothers, fundraising or travelling throughout Canada and the world to share their skills with others. Several have maintained their passion for athletics, and are members of varsity teams, while others write for university and college newspapers and magazines.
Staying connected with our alumni matters. Besides hosting reunions, visiting campuses, and publishing Evergreen, our alumni magazine, we also conduct an annual alumni survey, which helps us better understand how we are doing to prepare our students for life after Greenwood.

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