Casting Your Vote

Allan Hardy, Principal
The campaign period for student leadership elections begins today. We can use the example of the speeches from the movie Election, a movie about a high school election, to think about our own upcoming votes.

I used to use this video clip when I taught English classes, as example of what to do and what not to do when delivering a speech. The character Tracy Flick’s speech is a great example of a strong speech: rehearsed and well composed. Her opponent, Paul Metzler, on the other hand, is less polished.

But, polished or unpolished, both speeches are heartfelt. Both candidates sound like they do care about making their school a better place. When you listen to the candidates’ speeches next week and try to access who to vote for, listen more for what is being said, rather than how it is delivered.

Remember as well that the best predictor of the future is the past. Think about how the candidates have acted in the past, as it is a good indicator of how you can expect them to serve as Greenwood’s next Head Girl or Boy.  

There are two features that I believe really define our electoral system at the school, and what makes it work so well. First, any Grade 11 student can run. I am delighted that so many candidates are running. I think that it says a lot about the school community, that so many students are passionate enough to run.

Second, everyone has a vote, and those votes all count equally, so use yours wisely.

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