Working on Well-Being

Allan Hardy, Principal
Earlier this year, I indicated that Greenwood was working with Dr. Greg Wells, author of The Ripple Effect, on a well-being program for our staff. Workplace research indicates the most effective well-being programs encourage employees to develop healthy habits in and outside of the workplace.

Having healthy teachers working with your children is important, as teaching is demanding work. Greenwood is a highly collaborative workplace and while students and staff benefit from this approach, working in teams is a complex activity. Like you, our staff lead busy lives outside of Greenwood, so anything we can do to help them stay healthy also benefits their life away from school.

As we enter the eighth month of the initiative, I am pleased to report that staff have engaged fully in the program. The personalized nature of the program, which allows staff to receive individualized feedback from a member of Dr. Wells’s team, has allowed them to focus on implementing micro changes related to personal well-being. Some teachers are working on improving their diet, while others are aiming to move more and get seven and a half hours of sleep each night. At the very least, this initiative has forced us to think more intentionally about our individual and collective well-being.

We are excited to move into the next phase of the initiative, which involves parents and students. Dr. Wells will be speaking to parents on Monday, April 16 and I would encourage parents to attend this session, as he is an engaging presenter and will offer you some strategies that will be of benefit to you and your family. In the fall, Dr. Wells will speak to the students and they will work on the program throughout the year with their advisers.

Ultimately, our hope is that all members of the Greenwood community will join Dr. Wells in his quest to help people “get healthier, perform to their potential, and live the life of their dreams.

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