Arts and Athletics

Allan Hardy, Principal
The next couple weeks are big ones for Greenwood’s arts and athletics, with many end of terms events and tournaments coming up.

Historically, some people see a rivalry between sports and arts, as the two programs are seen as competing with one another for support and attention. In university settings, athletic programs generally receive more funding, cementing the sense of rivalry between the two. Representations in the media, such as the new television show Rise, also promote this rivalry.

I believe the world is diminished when we reduce arts and athletics to an “either/or” situation. Instead, we should think in terms of “and:” arts and athletics.

The two programs have a great deal in common. Artists and athletes need an audience. Appreciation fuels success. We’ve got a number of events coming up — the Groscars, the Athletic Banquet, championship games, the Arts Showcase. These events are opportunities to support your school and your fellow students and to be that audience for them.

I hope that you will come out to these events and show your support for arts and athletics at Greenwood. Doing so, is one more way “to be true to your school.”

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