Surviving the Apocalypse at Grade 8 Integration Week

Erin Taylor, Communications Officer
From May 29 to June 1, the Grade 8s put a local spin on post-apocalyptic narratives with their Spring Integration project. Over the course of four days, they worked in small teams to develop a survival plan for a post-apocalyptic Toronto.

Cross-curricular integration supports the development of students’ critical thinking and collaborative skills by demonstrating how knowledge can be applied across disciplines. This project was a part of the culminating assessment for Science, English, and Social Studies, and it encouraged students to make connections across these subjects.

Some groups constructed model encampments for the survivors, taking into consideration everything they would need: access to food, water, shelter — even transportation and power. Other students created podcasts from the perspective of survivors, where they talked about what their daily life, the challenges that they face and the innovations that have enabled them to survive.

Students really immersed themselves in this challenge and worked hard to create some very creative scenarios.

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