Venturing Further in the Arts

Allan Hardy, Principal
The Arts are an important part of our development of the whole person, as they help students explore creativity and personal expression, and enable students to build confidence through performance. Throughout the week of May 14th, we are celebrating our Arts programs with two evening events—hopefully, you can join us.
Tuesday, May 15th marks the 8th annual Groscars, an event that features documentary films created by students in our Grade 11 Film program and a full-length sitcom developed by students in the Grade 12 film program. Thursday’s event on May 17th showcases our band and vocal program, as well as our visual and digital artists.

Besides celebrating this year’s achievements, we continue to look for ways to enhance our arts program. We have added new course offerings which will enable students to pursue varied interests in the arts. Students in Grade 7 will be able to take electives in four areas of the arts, while senior students will be able to take a photography credit course that runs outside the timetable and students interested in vocal music can pursue this option in all four years of high school.

We also have some exciting leadership changes in this area. Doug Brown, who has a deep background in film, drama and music and has been with Greenwood for the past 10 years, has been appointed Arts Coordinator, while Johanna Liburd, another veteran Greenwood arts teacher with expertise in digital and visual arts, has been appointed Subject Team Leader of the Arts and will oversee curriculum development in this subject area.

In the summer, we will be doing some renovations in our third-floor visual arts studio and we will also begin upgrading the existing Mac technology in the digital arts lab. All of these improvements will help our students continue to pursue their passion in the arts.

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