Welcome Back to Greenwood

Erin Taylor, Communications Officer
September 11 was the first assembly after students returned from their Outdoor Education trips, and it was one that is important to set the tone for the upcoming year. That’s why Ms. Bruce welcomed students back from their trips with the sanskrit poem, “Salutation to the Dawn.”

The poem is about celebrating each day, seizing the opportunities that are before us, and looking forward to each new day as it comes. For Ms. Bruce, the poem reflected the OE experience. Each day at camp provides challenges. When students seize those challenges and take risks, they learn and grow. Seeing challenges as opportunities and celebrating the chance to grow, like in the poem, is a central tenet behind OE at Greenwood. It is a way of seeing the world that we can strive for each day, whether we’re at camp or in the classroom.

With a slideshow of student’s OE adventures, including the crowd-pleasing whale video, the school reflected on their OE experiences (both fun and challenging). Ms. Bruce thanked students for their enthusiastic participation, teachers for dedicating their time, and Mr. Hurley for all his work on planning and oversight. She gave a special welcome to the Grade 7s, reminding them not to be afraid to ask for help; they’ve got the Greenwood community behind them!

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