Thoughts On First Experiences

Sarah Bruce, Principal
I’m a strong believer in the reliability of a gut feeling. Upon entering Greenwood on my visits last year, I immediately felt the welcoming, vibrant, positive climate where students are known and community members feel valued; as a part of the Greenwood community, I feel this even more strongly.
Our staff convey a strong sense of purpose and our students convey their pride for our community through their words and actions. I look forward to contributing to the values that make the Greenwood community what it is.
Through our mission, vision and shared values, Greenwood will continue to promote character education as an essential part of a child’s education and one that contributes positively to the culture of our school. Our focus on intellectual, performance, moral and civic character will continue to be a key contributing factor to the unique and positive culture that is Greenwood’s.

Another shared value and one of our core objectives in our current strategic plan is a focus on well-being. In support of this important objective, Greenwood continues to collaborate with The Wells Group, led by Dr. Greg Wells, a prominent physiologist, scientist and broadcaster, as well as the author of the recently released book The Ripple Effect. Last year’s focus was on teacher and staff participation, and on preparing parents and staff in their important role supporting students and each other in making healthy changes to their lives. Dr. Wells will begin the student program when he leads our October 1 assembly. I look forward to working with Dr. Wells and maintaining the school’s commitment to fostering well-being in the members of our community.
Thank you again for the warm welcome to Greenwood. It is a privilege to have joined such a wonderful community and to have the opportunity to contribute to this exceptional school.

Greenwood College School

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