Be Kind To One Another

Erin Taylor, Communications Officer
While at a recent Canadian Accredited Independent Schools conference, Sarah Bruce had the opportunity to learn from Casey Eagle Speaker, an acclaimed public speaker and Blackfoot Elder. Eagle Speaker talked about identity, belonging and cross-cultural awareness. His message to the heads of school at the conference was to stop looking at the ways in which we are different. Instead, we need to recognize the ways we are all the same; we are all human.

The senseless attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh was an act of hate, and our hearts go out to the victims, their families, and the community. In the wake of such acts of hatred, Ms. Bruce said, it can be hard to understand how to respond. How do we process such hatred, and how do we respond?

Ms. Bruce asked students to look for ways to be kind to one another. Recognize the humanity of your peers and neighbours; be kind to them.

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