Greenwood’s Halloween Spirits

Erin Taylor, Communications Officer
Greenwood was dressed to impress this Halloween! With a day full of activities, creative costumes, and spine-chilling decor, it’s no wonder that Halloween is one of Greenwood’s most spirited holidays.

In the lead-up to Halloween, two House activities built up the excitement: a scavenger hunt and “Who the Boo.” Halloween-themed pictures were hidden throughout the school; students who found them over the course of the two-week competition handed them in to Reception for House points. In “Who the Boo,” students guessed who the staff member was in each of their childhood Halloween photos.

The Roundtable set the stage for the big day—literally! They transformed the stage in the Lodge into an eerie haunted library, complete with odd animals, faded tapestries, and some very creepy knick-knacks.

The morning of Halloween, the Lodge bustled with students carving pumpkins, participating in the Halloween hunt, and remaking famous horror movie posters. The Grad costume generated a buzz right off the bat. They continued the tradition of doing a group costume across the whole grade, dressing up as bees with the Head Girl and Boy as beekeepers.

After first period, everyone convened in their House classrooms to nominate their entries for the costume competition’s different categories. It was a fun chance to see what clever costumes their peers came up with.

Finally, it was time for the school-wide costume competition. Judged by parent volunteers, the student representatives from each House showed off for categories like “Funniest” or “Best Group.” We saw an ice cream truck, Inspector Gadget, a stalk of asparagus, a holy cow, dinosaurs, sloths and more!

As always, the teachers got into the Halloween spirit with some standout costumes. Group costumes got a lot of laughs, like the English department’s “Grammar Police,” and the Math department’s “Number-Jacks,” lumberjacks carrying X and Y axes. Mr. Clutton impressed the crowd with an Optimus Prime costume that really transformed!

Lunch marked the final Halloween activities, and there was a lot going on. The photography class ran a Halloween photo booth, immortalizing the great costumes with high-quality portraits. Annie Leishman, a student in Grade 11 Photography said, “The entire Greenwood community put in an incredible effort into their amazing costumes. To celebrate the Halloween spirit and all of the awesome costumes, my photography class decided to run a photobooth. The photobooth gave us the opportunity to take studio portrait style pictures and to practice our skills.”

There was a dance party in the Lodge, with student DJs mixing in some great Halloween tunes. The grads put together a haunted classroom, and scared the students brave enough to venture through it.

It was a great Halloween at Greenwood! Now, who’s ready to start planning next year’s costumes?

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