Making Their Case at DECA

Erin Taylor, Communications Officer
Over 40 Greenwood students participated in the annual DECA Ontario Case Competition on Sunday, November 4.

The format is similar to Greenwood’s annual Business Case Competition. Students receive a business case, and must come up with a solution to the problem given. They create a proposed business plan, and present it to the competition judges, using everything they have learned from the business classes, along with preparation in the DECA club.

At the DECA Case Competition, students can enter into categories based on industries they would like to explore. According to Ms. Della Mora, “DECA is important as it allows students to learn more about a field of business they’re interested in—such as marketing, hospitality, or business administration—and actually put themselves in the shoes of an employee in that field.”

It is a great chance to gain hands-on experience, and apply the concepts they have learned to real-world experiences. This solidifies students’ learning, and according to Mr. Vachon, inspires them to take their learning further. He said, “I love the competitive aspect of DECA; trying to best other like-minded students really seemed to drive DECA participants.”

Our DECA participants are waiting intently to find out results from the competition. We look forward to hearing how the competition played out for Greenwood!

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